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I could not be happier that we have the opportunity to use this system

Tracy Tutor


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Block Party Makes The Top Rated Mobile Apps For Agents

Hands down the best Open House App out there. This has leveled up my Real Estate game. I love how it helps me to gather important contact info and makes it so seamless on how to stay connected.

Jen H.


This app is extremely well done and super easy to use! It's easy to write my notes about an open house guest and then forward everything so I can follow up with them when I get home. And its FREE! How does that happen?

Tony F.


Great customer service with a very useful app. What more can you ask for? My hotspot dropped in a dead zone but the app still collected and saved the data. Didn't crash once. Clients liked it as well.

Ben R.

Basic RGB

As a new agent wanting to make the most of my money and time this app is perfect! I love that I can add my own questions and personalization. Customer Service is quick and helpful too!

Shannon K.


Whether you are an experienced agent, or just starting out.. You need this app! The days of paper sign-in sheets for open houses needs to be long gone. There's a better way and this app does it all for you!

Stacy B.


I have been searching for an app like this for years. It's easy to use and looks very professional. The clients also thought it was pretty slick that they get a text with the listing right after they sign in.

John Z.


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